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Cindy Dewey Larson

Her Story

From the tender age of 4, Cindy and her little sister Susie, traveled and sang with their family.  By her 21st birthday, she had been around the world many times.  She and her family had recorded around four Gold albums and had performed in front of fifty-thousand people in Brazil.  Over one-hundred TV appearances and had been played on the radio hundreds of thousands of times.

Long before social media, Cindy and Susie experienced a very public life.  Within the circles of their travels, this family was very will loved and enjoyed a fabulous following.  To this day, Cindy hears from "fans" of her youth, and appreciates them more than ever before. 

This Album project features songs that Cindy wrote and had previously recorded.  Each track was enhanced through new technology and new lead vocals were laid.  Some of these songs were originally released on family albums when Cindy was a young teenager.  Other songs had been written and recorded a few years later though never released to the public at all.  


While preparing these songs, Cindy was inspired to write a Coffee Table book, as a companion piece to this album.  This PHOTO ALBUM, will be coming out soon, so be watching for the updates.   



  1. He Holds The Future In His Hands

  2. Lord, What Can I Do For You Today

  3. House To House

  4. Ready To Go Home

  5. God Is Still God

  6. Shake The Foundation

  7. My Humble Praise

  8. Looking Back/Letting Go

  9. Just One Wish

  10. Stormy Sunday

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