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Tim and Sheryl


Pastor Tim and Sheryl Dewey

With over 50 preachers in the Dewey family, it was only fitting that one of the brothers would settle down to pastor a church.  Tim, Sheryl, son David and daughter Melinda put down roots in south Texas and began to pastor in the early 1980's. If you are in the neighborhood of San Angelo, you'd be right at home in their church.  

Below, you will find one of the albums that Tim and Sheryl recorded on their owe after leaving Levoy and Cleon. Tim and Sheryl's family has continued to grow and now they have four grandchildren as well.   


  1. He's Mine

  2. God's Name Shall Be Praised

  3. Rise And Be HEaled

  4. Covenant Man

  5. Soon And Very Soon

  6. Sacrifice Of Praise

  7. I Long To See Him

  8. Standing On The Promises

  9. Light For THe Lost

  10. Where Could I Go

Gospel Music

Evangel Temple

Welcome to Evangel Temple, a small church located in San Angelo, Tx. Our pastors Tim and Sheryl lead with love, and we welcome everyone who wants to join us in worship and fellowship. Come as you are and experience the warmth of our community.

Bring all your needs to the Lord, and be surrounded by a family of believers who will agree with you in prayer.  Pastor Tim teaches a solid Word so expect to grow in faith every week.

There is a place for you... so, welcome to Evangel Temple.


201 North Campus Blvd.

San Angelo, Texas



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