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Songs About Heaven

Some of the earliest memories of Levoy and Cleon were of their perspective Grandfathers telling of the soon return of Jesus.  So, it's only fitting that the most popular song that is couple ever wrote was HEAVEN'S SOUNDING SWEETER.  

Earl J Dewey preached it for 50 years until he died.  JD Nixon, the grandfather of Cleon, could be found watching the west Texas sunset most every evening and say, "Well, I thought the Lord would come today."


The Dewey Family are celebrating the 50-Year Anniversary since writing HEAVEN'S SOUNDING SWEETER.  To comminate this milestone, we invite you to re-discover 50 of the most wonderful songs ever written about Heaven.      

Available on CD's or as a BOX SET that comes with all 4 CD's and USB drive.

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Songs About Heaven Vol 1

  1. Heaven's Soundong Sweeter

  2. Most Of All

  3. Untill Then

  4. Jesus Is Coming Soon

  5. Vacation In Heaven Medley

  6. Oh, I Want To See Him

  7. Land Where Dreams Come True

  8. One Day's Journey

  9. Just Over In The Glory Land

  10. At The End Of The Journey

  11. Jesus Are You Coming Today

  12. Jesus

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Songs About Heaven Vol 2

  1. Heaven's Sounding Sweeter

  2. I'll Feel At Home In Heaven

  3. If You're Looking For Jesus Look Up

  4. Everybody Will Be Happy

  5. Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now

  6. Feelin' Mighty Fine

  7. I Bowed My Knees And Cried Holy

  8. Eastern Gate

  9. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

  10. Amazing Grace

  11. I'll Fly Away

  12. I'll Meet You In The Morning

  13. Welcome Back Jesus

  14. Triumphant Praise

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Songs About Heaven Vol 3

  1. Heaven's Sounding Sweeter

  2. I'm On My Way

  3. Some Glorious Morning

  4. A New Name In Glory

  5. Welcome Back Jesus

  6. I Wanna Be Ready

  7. When The Saints Go Marching In

  8. Our Lord's Return

  9. Forever Is A Long Long Time

  10. Farther Along

  11. He Holds The Future In His Hands

  12. Battle Scarred

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Songs About Heaven Vol 4

  1. Heaven's Sounding Sweeter

  2. I've Got More To bo To Heaven For

  3. He's Coming Soon

  4. Heaven's Jubilee

  5. Redemption Draweth Nigh

  6. Ten Thousand Years

  7. The Next Time I See You

  8. We Shall See The King

  9. You Can Count On Heaven

  10. Keep Your Eyes Upon The Eastern Gate

  11. When We All Get To Heaven

  12. When I Get Up To Heaven

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