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The Deweys

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Desert Road


By the early 1070's, Levoy, Cleon, Cindy, and Susie became the next evolution of this family's musical legacy.  The girls were 7 and 9 years old when they stepped up to sing trio with their daddy.  As the years went by, they became more and more vital to the music being made by the family.  The little girls were growing up and moving into the responsibility of ministers in their own right.  Their love for the Lord was evident and their perspective on life, faith, and the promises in the Word of God.  They were greatly encouraged by mom and dad and even began writing songs for the family albums.


Sparring no expense, Levoy hired some of the most famous award-winning musicians in Nashville, TN, to play on these recordings.  Several projects included live instrumentation by the Nashville Symphony, London Philharmonics, and the Oklahoma City Orchestra. 


Levoy produced a type of music that was ahead of its time.  He combined instruments that were exclusively found in the Country Western music of the day--such as banjo, steel guitar, dobro, and mandolin with concert style strings, blues harmonica and brass big band drums.  

Re-releasing these projects for this website, we were all amazed how these musical works of art have stood the test of time.

The last project released by this version of the Deweys, was Follow The Leader.  Fast forward to the year of 2000, Susanne had married Nathan Young.  An extremely gifted, award-winning producer, musician, writer and vocalist, Nathan's addition to the family sound was remarkable.  

So, no matter if you listened to the Deweys music from the 1960's, 1980's, 2000's or beyond... you will find an anointing on every song they sing.  The depth and quality of their song writing is undeniable.  Cleon Dewey, being the primary song writer, pinned some of the most iconic Christian songs of the 1970's, such as Heaven's Sounding Sweeter and Because Of Yesterday--and is still writing classics such as Thank You Jesus One More Time and I Owe It All To Jesus.


Thank you, for following along on our journey, as the last song has not been written for the Dewey Family! 

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